Machine Learning for Beginners: Starter Guide

A beginner’s guide to starting machine learning.

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Machine learning is the future and I’m not the first person to tell you that, I know!

But it is true all those ads you come across all the interviews that say that Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning is the future it all is true and it’s high time you get into it.

Do you sometimes wonder how Netflix shows just the right movie for you or how most of the recommended videos are often what you wanted to watch, Aren’t you fascinated by the fact that we soon will be riding in a driverless car? These all are not miracles or sheer coincidences these are made possible using Machine learning. Now hop on, let’s start this guide!

Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Data Science are not the same. So first let’s see the differences in these fields.

Artificial Intelligence VS Machine Learning VS Data Science

Here is the best way to put it :

  • Data science produces insights

Taking the example of Self-driving Cars:

  • Collecting the data, analyzing which one will be more useful, making the data better for our model building, these things come under Data Science.

If you want to explore these differences to the core, here is a good article for you AI vs ML vs DS.


Why should I learn machine learning?

  • Jobs on the rise: With every company wanting to employ AI and regulate their work using computers via Machine learning in their domain, there is a high demand for machine learning engineers in the industry.

Where to start?

  • Pick a programming language: First things first if you are going to enter any field in the IT industry it’s essential to learn a programming language, for machine learning you can choose between Python, R, Java, or Scala.
    The best choice (in my opinion) would be Python as it is the easiest to learn and has a lot of libraries mainly for Machine learning.
    If you want to start learning Python, this is all you need:
Photo by Rick Kimotho on Unsplash
Credits: Wale Akinfaderin on Medium

Some Tips and Tricks :

  • Don’t just watch these videos/courses make notes, proper notes so that you can rely on them whenever you need to have a quick look or revision.
  • Try to make projects with everything you learn, even the smallest will do, just try to implement them by yourself, and you’ll see the effect of this soon.

Special Resources: Here are some resources that will help you grasp the knowledge in the best way possible -

In the end, I would just say, go for this field if you have an interest and are ready to give all your heart and soul into it, if you’re just trying this field to fit in the crowd and because ‘everyone else is doing it’, you’re wasting your time and energy.

Here’s a quote to conclude this guide :

The best way to learn is to practice and try out things for yourself as much as you can. For you will learn better by falling than by watching others climb.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this guide insightful.

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